Tiger Roar Stone River - Winter 2022

Tiger Roar Stone River - Winter 2022

Hiking Tiger Roar Stone River is known for its extreme terrain. Once reached the top of Tiger Roar Stone River, proceed to head up Kau Nga Ling for another challenging climb.

Shui Hau Village 水口村 - had the biggest mud-flat on Lantau Island, renowned as a clam diggers’ heaven
Middle Kau Nga Hang 中狗牙坑 - forest adventure with climbing
Tiger Roar Stone River 虎吼石河 - 80m long pile of gravel
East Dog Teeth 東狗牙嶺 - One of the ridges in Kau Nga Ling

How to get there:
From Mui Wo : Take the ferry to Mui Wo from Central (Pier 6) Take bus no. 1 and drop off at Shui Hau Village East. Walk to Lantau Trail Section 10 start point

From Tung Chung: Tung Chung Station walk towards Lantau bus station, take bus no.11 or 23. Drop off at Shui Hau Village East and walk to Lantau Trail Section 10.

Distance – 6km
Duration – 5 hrs (includes rest & pictures)
Difficulty – 5/5
Intermediate to advance

Tiger Roar Stone River > Kau Nga Ling > Hades Wall > Tsam Chai Au > Nong Ping