Middle Dog Teeth - Jan 2021

Middle Dog Teeth - Jan 2021

The Middle Dog Teeth Ridge is part of Kau Nga Ling – aka Dog Teeth Ridge – is famed for its rugged peaks that’s like the razor teeth of a dog. This is easier than the West Dog Teeth but can be challenging.

Begin your hike at Shek Pik Country Park. It will be a good warm up, you’ll pass picnic site and water way. About 1.5km to the starting point of Middle Dog Trail.
The trail start when you see the danger signage, it will be the forest side of this trail.
About 2.2km, you’ll reach the summit. And you can see West, East Dog Trail on either side. Now you are in the more open side of the trail.
The challenging Kau Nga Ling or the Life Line is a steep climb. Then after that is Hade’s Wall.
If you still have energy, continue to hike the Lantau Peak and head down to Pak Kung Au or head down to Ngong Ping for easy route.

Length: 7.4 km (to Pak Kung Au) 6km (to Ngong Ping)

Difficulty: Hard (4/5)

Time: 2.5 hours (not including rest and picture taking)

Supply: No supply station along the trail, make sure to bring enough snacks and refreshments. Bring a pair of gloves.

How to get there:

From Mui Wo: Take the ferry to Mui Wo from Central (Pier 6) Take bus no. 1 and drop off at Shek Pik Police Station. Walk to Shek Pik Country Trail

From Tung Chung: Tung Chung Station walk towards Lantau bus station, take bus no.11 or 23. Drop off at Shek Pik Police Station and walk to Shek Pik Country Trail.