Designed for hike comfort, this LD CHASE SHORT is of QD-VANTAGE™ (Quick Dry) with 12% of stretch nylon fabric, ideal for multi-purpose outdoor activities
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What is needed for hiking or travelling? The answer is Bigpack quick dry hat. The FISHERMAN HAT II is of high quality quick dry material with anti UV 30 protection, comfort and fit well for most people, men or women. The mask on face and at both  sides can be detached and stored inside the Hat
Using QD-VANTAGE™ technology and apply in a quick-dry, light-weight, comfortably soft and stretchable nylon fabric, the LD VALLEY SHIRT is designed for long trek comfort and provides performance when facing rock portions. Whether wandering through arid continental interiors, across desolate high plateaus or wanting an easy wear, this light-weight shirt is ideal for various activities
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