Chi Ma Wan Peninsula (West) | Mong Tung Wan, Sea Ranch, Lo Yan Shan, Miu Tsai Tun

Chi Ma Wan Peninsula (West) | Mong Tung Wan, Sea Ranch, Lo Yan Shan, Miu Tsai Tun

We continued our exploration of the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula, this time heading towards the west side of the Peninsula. 

Distance - 13.3km

Duration - 6.5 hours (Including rest and photos)

Difficulty - 3/5 Intermediate

We started the hike at the Tin Hau Temple located at Chi Ma Wan road. Getting to the starting point is fairly easy, we simply walked from Pui O, Lo Uk Tsuen following along the Chi Ma Wan road and taking around 20 minutes to reach.

From the temple, we took the trail that leads towards Mong Tung Wan. The trail is along flat cemented pathways with occasional uphills and downhills, but nothing too challenging.

It’s around 2km hike from the starting point to reach Mong Tung Wan. The beach area is very quiet and there are few houses being constructed. We also noticed a small restaurant along the houses that provides drinks and snacks.

We continued to follow the trail which eventually merges onto the Chi Ma Wan Country Trail. There are plenty of scenic views of the open sea and mountain during our journey. 

The trails are easy going, and properly marked, there are a few ascending sections along stone step stairs together with some descends.

We headed down Yi Long Wan to further explore the Sea Ranch. Note that the Sea Ranch is a private property so avoid venturing in places marked with private property.

The houses are like 70s-style resort, it looks like only a few people living in it at the moment. There are houses that are abandoned as well.

After walking along the sea ranch, we made our way towards the Sea Ranch Pier, and explored the rocky section along the side of the coast. 

Be cautious when exploring the coastal rocky section, as it can be very slippery. There are spots to take amazing photos along the coastline while looking at a few unique rock formations, you can even spot some fishermen pulling up their nets nearby.

We continued our adventure, heading back up the trail from the Sea Ranch and continuing along the Chi Ma Wan Country Trail heading to Lung Mei, passing along Tai Long Wan beach and village.

At the junction of Lung Mei, we followed the sign going to Shap Long via Lo Yan Shan.

The trail leading to Lo Yan Shan is not technical but rather heading up flights of steps, that requires a bit of endurance. Remember to keep you pace, keep hydrated and rest when needed.

After a quite long ascend, we reached the summit of Lo Yan Shan, but unfortunately, the summit point for some reason, is located on top of the house, which is quite funny. Avoid climbing up the house as there are no  ladder to reach it, as you might injure yourself climbing.

We continued to head towards Mui Tsai Tun, the second peak along the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula. The view on top, you can see Pui O Beach and the reddish mountain range stretching across Lantau Island, including Lin Fa Shan, Yi Tung Shan and Fung Wong Shan.

And at the top of Miu Tsai Tun, you can see both sides of Chi Ma Wan Peninsula, which is quite a fantastic view!

This is the perfect spot for a bit of rest and photo taking. Even though the entire peak is exposed, it can be a bit sunny, take your time and take in the gorgeous views.

It’s time to head back down the country trail, we continued to descend along a few stone step stairs and a few flat dirt trails before reaching the arc entry point of the Chi Ma Wan Country Trail.

We continued to follow the Chi Ma Wan Road until we reach the Tin Hau Temple which was our starting point in the beginning of the hike, and where we ended our adventure.

We recommend to bring at least 2 litres of water and extra sports drinks, bring along plenty of snacks or fruits as the journey can be long. 

Wear comfortable hiking shoes and proper hiking apparels, in addition, bring along sunscreen or wear sleevelets for the open areas of the hike.

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