Wong Lung Hang Country Trail | Tung Chung to Nam Shan

Wong Lung Hang Country Trail | Tung Chung to Nam Shan

Wong Lung Hang Country Trail is considered a challenging route. The trail starts on a climb along big stone steps, with almost no flat trail, and the steps are denser.

The trail also passes along a few dirt trails and a few streamlines along the forest.

Distance - 10.5km
Duration - 4.5hours (including rest & photos)
Difficulty - 3.5/5
Intermediate to Advanced

We started our adventure in Tung Chung and made our way to Chek Lap Kok Village, it takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the. village, depending on how fast you are going.

Once you have passed along the footbridge at Tung Chung Road, turn left onto Wong Lung Hang Road and the village will follow.

Walk along Wong Lung Hang Road passing the village and onto Wong Lung Hang Picnic Site, the trail will be located on the right-hand side with the information board.

Slowly head up the steps, take your time, and maintain a slow pace as the climb along this section can be very tiring.

A pair of trekking poles can be helpful during the climb.

Once you have overcome the big stone steps, the trail opens up for a short while along a dirt trail before it continues to head up again along more steps, the latter section will not be as sloping as the previous section.

The trail now heads into a forest, passing a few streams. Note that the trail on this section is quite wet and slippery.

There are also a few guardrails along the trail while passing the stream.

A few moments later, after leaving the forest, the trail opens up again. A few more minutes later, we reached the end of the Wong Lung Hang Country Trail at the junction of Lantau Trail Section 2.

There are a few options along this route to finish the hike. First, you can continue to follow Lantau Trail Section 2 to Pak Kung Au, second, head towards the direction of Lin Fa Shan and descend toward Pak Mong or continue to follow Lantau Trail Section 2 to Nam Shan.

We took the trail heading down Nam Shan but also decided to climb up the peak of Lin Fa Shan for a short detour before we headed down to Nam Shan.

Lin Fa Shan (Lotus Flower Mountain) is the seventh-highest mountain in Hong Kong. On a clear day, you can expect stunning 360 views from the summit point. A beautiful landscape, overlooking the city and islands as well.

Heading up the summit point is considered to be moderate with a few steep sections but nothing very challenging.

We were not able to enjoy the views during our visit as it was cloudy with a few rain showers and headed down to Lantau Trail Section 2.

During the descent from Lin Fa Shan, keep in mind that some sections can be very steep, so keep a slow pace.

Once we reached Lantau Trail Section 2, it was an easy descent along dirt trails and stone steps.

Although the stone steps were not that big compared to the beginning, it can be tiring as well, as it was a long way down towards Nam Shan.

Overall, the hike was challenging from the beginning as it felt like heading up infinite steps, which made the hike difficult but gradually relaxed during Lantau Trail Section 2 and Lin Fa Shan.

Hiking this route will be better on a clear day to enjoy the views on top of Lin Fa Shan.

We recommend bringing at least 2 liters of water, and a few snacks. Bring a packable windbreaker as it tends to be windy on the summit, and wear appropriate hiking apparel and comfortable hiking shoes.