Mok Min Cave Loop | via Pak Lap Village

Mok Min Cave Loop | via Pak Lap Village

Mok Min Cave is a see-through cave that can be easily reached from the nearby Pak Lap Village.

What makes this cave interesting is that when the tide is low, people can get inside and walk through the cave.

Unfortunately, we were not able to enjoy the chance due to the water being a bit high.

On the other hand, this favors people doing kayaking, they simply go through the cave and exit on the other side.

Our adventure consists of hiking, a bit of coasteering, and cave exploring with plenty of wonderful scenery.

Getting there is fairly easy and doesn’t need too much navigation.

We started at Sai Kung Town Centre then took a taxi and got off at the entrance towards Pak Lap Village.

Walking along the concrete pathway, we follow the signs toward Pak Lap Beach.

The pathway is an easy walk, however, be mindful as there are many warning signs to beware of snakes.

We passed by the Pak Lap Nature Education Park in the village before heading toward the beach.

From the beach, it takes around 45 minutes to reach the cave.

The trail leading towards the Mok Min Cave is just a few meters behind the beach, there are a few markers along the trail that can be seen that lead up the open area where you can see the whole of Pak Lap Beach and the surrounding coastline.

There are no clear signs on which way to go, however, don’t be confused as the paths are obvious.

The stretch of the trail is quite amazing, views of the neighboring islands and a few caves can be seen along the way.

The cliff on top of the cave looks a bit like a mini po pin chau which is spectacular.

Be very cautious while walking along that section, remember to keep off the edges as it is quite high, steep and very dangerous if one is not careful.

Closer to the cave, we descended a few steep rugged rocks to reach the cave entrance.

Be carefully heading down the steep rocky section, the rocks are quite sharp.

We rested and enjoy taking photos inside the cave, it's a great place to stay during the hot weather and cool down.

we ascended back up the same route we came down from but this time we took the trail heading towards the village instead of the beach.

There are very clear paths with plenty of ribbon markers along the trail. A few slightly steep descend but nothing too challenging.

Once we are back at the village, we took a short detour and had some refreshments at the pak lap beach cafe before heading back towards the Pak Lap Village Entrance which was our starting point, and took the taxi back to Sai Kung town center.

We recommend bringing plenty of hydration as it can be very hot in the open area of the trail.

Wearing a pair of comfortable and good-grip hiking shoes is suitable for this hike.

Remember to protect yourself from the sun; wear anti-UV and quick dry apparel, wear a hat, and arm sleeves and also bring along sunscreen.

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