Middle Dog Teeth | Shek Pik to Wisdom Path

Middle Dog Teeth | Shek Pik to Wisdom Path

The Middle Dog Teeth Ridge is part of Kau Nga Ling – aka Dog Teeth Ridge – known for its rugged peaks that are like the razor teeth of a dog. It can be further split into the East, Middle, and West, of which the West is the most difficult.

The three trails then merged by the Lifeline (一線生機) – where the trail dips along a one-sided cliff to a narrow ridge.

Then head up a steep climb along Hades Wall before the trails lead up toward Tsam Chai Au where you can go up to Lantau Peak or take the easy route down to Ngong Ping via Lantau Trail Section 3.

Accidents have occurred on the Dog Teeth Ridges in the past, including a fatality. So please be careful and safety is a priority.

Distance - 6km
Duration - 3.5 hours (Including rest & photo)
Difficulty - 4/5
Intermediate to Advance

Our adventure started at Shek Pik County Trail which is a slightly shaded, fairly easy uphill section for the first section with a variety of stairs and dirt trails.

As you go, watch out for the turn on the right-hand side of the trail for the Middle Dog Teeth Range. You'll be able to spot it by the warning sign telling you not to proceed any further.

This part of the trail involves some steep stairs up, but then it eventually becomes a nice, shaded trail.

Before the trail then goes steeply up, emerging from the vegetation quite quickly. You can already see a decent view of the reservoir early on as you climb.

At times, the trail turns into rocky boulders which require you to climb using your hands to navigate. If you have a fear of heights or getting your hands dirty, this trail is not for you.

Given the straight-uphill sections, we also recommend a good level of physical fitness for this trail.

As with most trails that have danger signs in front of them, the Middle Dog Teeth trail is not as well maintained as most trails in Hong Kong.

Once you get above the initial forested area, the trail is mostly exposed. However, along the way, you'll encounter a few sections through which you have to fight the bushes and branches again.

Kau Nga Ling (Dog Teeth) gets its name from the teeth-like points on the mountain range which you can truly appreciate as you climb. Each "tooth" is a rocky climb straight up which often requires using your hands to pull yourself upward.

After climbing several teeth on Middle Dog Teeth, you'll meet up with the West Dog Teeth trail at one of the trickiest sections of the trail to finish Kau Nga Ling (Dog Teeth Ridge).

The Lifeline (一線生機), is considered the most treacherous part of the trail. It's narrow - only one person wide - with a rock wall on one side and a sheer drop on the other.

After completing the Lifeline, you'll have a bit of a flat trail before continuing the uphill climb to another steep climb up Hades Wall, before reaching the Bird’s Rock.

Just after passing the Bird Rock at Tsam Chai Au Peak, you'll meet up with Lantau Trail, Sec. 3. You can either head up Lantau Peak and continue toward Pak Kung Au or continue to head downhill toward Ngon Ping, which we had done.

We recommend doing this route in fairly nice weather, avoid heading up during the rainy season or very hot weather.

Wear appropriate hiking apparel with comfortable good grip shoes. Bring plenty of hydration and a few snacks, and be cautious during the hike and stay safe.