“If you don’t decide to take the next step, you will stand on one leg all your life.”

BIGPACK, founded in 1976 in Bissingen, long before outdoor became fashionable, is based on innovation, something that has characterized its history. An abundant and quality oriented product range is a proof that BIGPACK never had any plan to stand on one leg.

Yes, BIGPACK may mean rucksack but the company produces much more. Superior products have proven their merit in many mountain expeditions and even as daily wear. The products all put emphasis on functionality, innovation, design and quality. The gear is based on minimalist principles yet loaded with technical and functional details; you can say that the design is functional with only the necessary details.

The company’s objective is to provide users outdoor gear that delivers exactly what it promises.

BIGPACK is always seeking new challenges and product solutions without giving up until we get an answer: Inspiration is our credo for satisfying new and demanding users. Our test team, consisting of extreme sport enthusiasts, is constantly on the look for solutions that create new standards. Our motto “It is quality, not quantity that matters”.

By keeping the “core vs. more”, we emphasize that quality is one of our main focus within our product strategy. BIGPACK product strategy is based upon quality, design, long life span products, high quality service and repair deals as well as a guarantee that all their products have been tested; this gives the brand a unique identity.

We have participated in many ascents of 8000m peak, been part of more than hundred remote adventures and equipped unsupported trips to the North and South Poles.

We believe in what we do; we design, test and build our gear with passion and commitment. We use it ourselves and we work closely with outdoor professionals to help us perfect our products.

Our team of pro mountaineers are mixed nationalities, ambitious climbers, mountaineers and adventure travelers; people at the cutting edge who need gear they can trust completely.

So whether you are going on expedition to the Himalaya or learning the ropes in the Alps, you can do so safe in the knowledge that your BIGPACK gear has been proven to perform.