Product Integrity

BIGPACK products are assembled in a few countries around Asia and Europe by high quality, experienced manufacturers. We have only one quality standard and it applies to all of our products regardless of location of manufacture. We do not make substitutions or alterations to our products based on manufacturing location or facility. BIGPACK refuses to compromise quality or performance for any reason, and all of our products are backed by a 1 year warranty. Our commitment to build the best product means sourcing premium fabrics, materials as well manufacturers.

Social Responsibility

Every manufacturing facility is selected for its technical ability and elevated social responsibility practices. BIGPACK only works with socially responsible third party contractors who ensure a verifiably safe and fair working environment for their employees. If a facility is found to be in non-compliance, immediate action must be taken to rectify the situation or we will terminate our contract with it. By enforcing and raising these workplace standards we are directly and positively changing the international manufacturing industry.