Shui Hau Village 水口村 - had the biggest mud-flat on Lantau Island, renowned as a clam diggers’ heaven
Middle Kau Nga Hang 中狗牙坑 - forest adventure with climbing
Tiger Roar Stone River 虎吼石河 - 80m long pile of gravel
East Dog Teeth 東狗牙嶺 - One of the ridges in Kau Nga Ling

Tung Chung > Shui Hau Village > Catchwater > Middle Kau Nga Hang > Tiger Roar Stone River > East Dog Teeth > Catchwater > Shui Hau Village

How to get there:
From Mui Wo : Take the ferry to Mui Wo from Central (Pier 6) Take bus no. 1 and drop off at Shui Hau Village East. Walk to Lantau Trail Section 10 start point

From Tung Chung: Tung Chung Station walk towards Lantau bus station, take bus no.11 or 23. Drop off at Shui Hau Village East and walk to Lantau Trail Section 10.

Difficulty - 5/5
Distance - 4.5 km
Duration - 4 hr