Hong Pak Country Trail Loop | Quarry Bay to Tai Koo

Hong Pak Country Trail Loop | Quarry Bay to Tai Koo

The Hong Pak Trail is an easy and family-friendly hike located in Quarry Bay on Hong Kong Island.

Besides the initial incline, the hike is mostly on a flat trail that goes around the valley between Mount Butler and Mount Parker.

Along the hike, you can expect enjoyable views of the valley, as well as the views of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

The trail passes along a few Japanese War Tunnels and a Dinosaur Rock and Shark Rock along the way. Reaching the start of the trail requires a 2km uphill walk along Mount Parker Road Green Trail.

First, take the MTR to Quarry Bay and exit onto King’s Road (Exit A). Then turn right onto King’s Road walk approximately 5 minutes to Mount Parker Road, and keep a lookout for a sign of the Green Trail along the way.

Once at Mount Parker Road, walk straight and begin the uphill walk.

The uphill is straight forward and to reach the start of Hong Pak Trail, you need to walk uphill and pass Quarry Bay Tree Walk and Mount Parker Campsite, there are plenty of outdoor sitting areas and viewpoints to take a break.

Thereafter, you then reach the Tai Tam Country Park, Quarry Bay Management Center sign at the fork, turn left and the entrance of the Hong Pak Country Trail is located at the information board.

The initial section of the Hong Pak Country Trail is relatively easy and quiet.

The trail starts on a flat terrain as it navigates its way between trees on both sides and a few twists and turns.

A few meters along the trail, you will notice a trail on the left that goes down a dirt path trail, that eventually leads to a Japanese War Tunnel.

Feel free to explore the entrance but of course, enter it at your own risk.

We explored the tunnel for just a few moments, although the tunnel was quite interesting, we felt it was not safe to continue so we headed back onto Hong Pak Trail to continue our adventure.

The trail continues with the view of the city and Mount Parker, and as the trail turns towards the valley, the trees begin to clear up and the views become unobstructed.

Just a short distance from where Hong Pak Country Trail exits the inner valley is Dinosaur Rock (Dinosaur Monolith on Google map).

It’s a large rock hanging off the side of the trail, that resembles the head of a dinosaur. Should you wish to take pictures on top of the Dinosaur Rock, there is a spot just behind the Dino Rock’s head that has a tree root in between the rock that can be used as assistance to reach the top.

Make sure to be careful when heading up and down as it can be very steep, also take care while taking photos along the edge of the rock formation.

Just below Dinosaur Rock is another rock formation; Shark Fin Rock (also on Google Maps).

The easiest way to reach it is to follow along the Hong Pak Country Trail for a few meters and you will notice a trail on the left with ribbon markers that heads down along a slope towards more rocks.

As for us, we took a bit of a harder way to reach the Shark Fin Rock, as there is a visible trail just below the Dinosaur Rock that looks easy but turns out to be more difficult.

It led to an overgrown section with no ribbon markers and we had to navigate our way just to reach the top of the rock formation which was not convenient.

At the end, we eventually found the easiest route which was along Hong Pak Country Trail as described earlier.

We took a short break at Shark Fin Rock and continued back onto Hong Pak Country Trail heading toward Kornhill.

Keep walking on the trail until you reach another larger boulder with some Chinese Characters on it.

As the trail continues, the buildings appear much closer, and the trail has almost returned to the city.

After a short distance, the trail splits in two. The trail on the right heads down Hing Tung Estate, whereas the trail on the left heads down Kornhill. We continue to follow the Hong Pak Country Trail towards Kornhill.

The trail gently descends through another section of the woods before arriving at a flight of steps behind Kornhill.

Stay on the trail until it reaches the cemented path, as it leads to the end of the Hong Pak Country Trail.

To continue towards Kornhill, follow the steps going down on the right after the information board of Hong Pak Country Trail along the catchwater section.

The path crosses the Quarry Bay Reservoir Garden below before going under Hong Pak Path and then merging onto Greig Road, continue to head down and turn toward Kornhill Road to catch the MTR at Tai Koo.

We hope you enjoy our guide to the Hong Pak Country Trail, we recommend bringing at least 1 liter of hydration and a few snacks.

Wear comfortable hiking shoes and quick-dry apparel.