Robin's Nest Country Park | Sha Tau Kok to Lin Ma Hang

Robin's Nest Country Park | Sha Tau Kok to Lin Ma Hang

It was announced on March 1 2024 the Robin's Nest Country Park opening.

The newly established Robin’s Nest Country Park, located at Sha Tau Kok in the northeastern New Territories, boasts a landscape rich with natural beauty with the Shenzhen Wutong Mountain Scenic Area to its north and Pat Sin Leng Country Park to its south.

The park features rolling mountains and a diverse array of ecosystems, including dense woodlands, shrublands, and upland grasslands, offering visitors breathtaking views.

Distance - 9.5km

Duration - 4.5 hours (Includes photos & rest)

Difficulty - 3/5 Intermediate 

We started our adventure at Sheung Shui MTR Station, then walked towards the bus terminal located at exit A2.

We took the Green Minibus route 55K to Tam Shui Hang Bus Stop which is located near the restricted area of Sha Tau Kok.

From there we walked along Sha Tau Kok Road to the direction of Shan Tsui Village Road. Don’t worry about finding the starting point of the country park as there is plenty of signage along the way.

Going uphill along Robin's Nest Country Trail, you can reach Ah Kung Kok, where you will enjoy panoramic views of Sha Tau Kok and Shenzhen Yantian in a distance.

Continuing, you will reach the top of the hill, then follow the ridge line until Hung Fa Chai. To the east, you can enjoy the serenity of Luk Keng, Nam Chung, and Double Haven. Looking north, the stunning views of Shenzhen Wutong Mountain come into sight.

When you arrive at the viewing point, take a glance at Pak Sin Leng and Wong Leng at far. Continue to follow along Robin’s Nest Country Trail until you reach the junction where it meets Lin Man Hang Country Trail.

Lin Ma Hang Country Trail ends at the Lin Ma Hang Village which falls within the Frontier Closed Area which is restricted to anyone without a valid permit.

Here on out we continue to follow Lin Ma Hang Trail before making a short visit up the summit of Robin’s Nest.

The trail follows near so we decided to make a detour.

Reaching the summit is pretty easy as long as you follow the trail, it heads up a few rugged rocks but nothing challenging.

At the summit, you will be able to enjoy a 360 panoramic view of the landscape, views include half of Hong Kong and the other half is China.

Retrace your steps back onto Lin Ma Hang Country Trail to continue.

The trail heading down is along a series of flights of steps before it reaches the Kong Shan MacIntosh Fort.

We have seen construction being done along the trail heading toward the direction of the Lead Mine Cave, as we were not able to visit it at the time of our hike.

The news states that the government will revitalize and transform Lin Ma Hang Cave into an open museum within the park, where the public can learn about galena mining and bat colonies.

Continue to head down a few more flights of stairs before reaching the Lin Man Hang Village.

From the village, continue onto the right, passing a short bridge that leads to the restricted area.

Here you will see a sign that points in the direction of how to reach the non-restricted area, follow the trail and signage until you reach the boarding On / Off location beyond FCA.

Once you reach Lin Ma Hang Road, wait for the minibus 59K to get back to Sheung Shui MTR Station.

Overall, this hike is very enjoyable with plenty of views along the way. Make sure to pay attention to the restricted areas and do not wander off the trail.

We recommend bringing at least 2 liters of water with a few snacks. Wear proper hiking apparel with comfortable hiking shoes.

Bring a hat and arm protection sleeves as the trail is quite open in some sections.