Kai Kung Leng | Fan Kam Road to Fung Kat Heung Road

Kai Kung Leng | Fan Kam Road to Fung Kat Heung Road

Kai Kung Leng (雞公嶺 in Chinese, quite literally “Mountain of Chicken” or more elegantly “Rooster Ridge”) is a picturesque mountain ridge in Lam Tsuen Country Park, between Yuen Long and Sheng Shui in the New Territories of Hong Kong.

Distance - 7km

Duration - 4.5 hours (Includes rest & photos)

Difficulty - 3/5 Intermediate

The trail is popular with hikers, and mountain bikers which is apparent by the several trails traversing its surface.

The Kai Kung Leng Hike is challenging. From start to end, it crosses three peaks along the ridge, each with a steep and rugged approach. Even the trail downhill is covered in loose gravel, making it difficult to descend.

We took the minibus from Sheung Shui Station and got off the Fan Kam Road near Ying Poon bus stop. We then walked a few meters towards Lam Tsuen Country Park to reach the starting point of the hike.

The starting point of this walk passes a village house, so just be careful of village dogs at the beginning of this trail.

You'll start by climbing up some steps through some trees, before coming out to the exposed, dirt trail, where the trail starts to become tricky. 

The first climb is the toughest, as you are required to tackle a well-worn path up to the biggest of the three peaks.

Be sure you're wearing proper hiking shoes as the steep climbs are challenging along loose gravel.

Although you're following a well-trodden dirt path, and the climbs over the three peaks can be physically challenging, the trail itself is pretty easy to follow, requiring very little map-reading allowing you to "switch off" and simply enjoy your surroundings. 

Along the way are spectacular 360 views of the New Territories, with Tai Mo Shan in the distance, which is unlike any other in Hong Kong.

Continue to follow along the trail until you reach the summit points of Kai Kung Leng and Kai Kung Shan. at this point the rest of the trail heads downhill toward the transmitting Station.

Once you come out to a Transmitting Station, this signals that you're near the end of the walk, and you'll start to descend some steep steps towards Fung Kat Heung Road, from there, continue to follow the road out onto San Tam Road where the transportations are located.

Overall, the hike is enjoyable and a bit tough with a series of challenging sections, and the views are spectacular, especially on a clear day.

We recommend bringing at least 2 liters of hydration and a few snacks, wear appropriate hiking apparel and travel light as there is plenty of climbing involved in this hike.