Lantau Trail Section 12 | Pui O to Mui Wo

Lantau Trail Section 12 | Pui O to Mui Wo

The last section of the 70 km Lantau Trail starts at the picturesque village of Pui O.

Distance - 8.9 km

Duration - 3 hours (Includes rest & photo)

Difficulty - 3/5


Starting from Pui O Road, we followed the road heading toward Chi Ma Wan Country Trail which travels along the Chi Ma Wan Road. This section is mainly along a paved road, that has a short steep uphill before reaching the Country trail.

Once you reach the fork on the road near the entrance, take the left trail that has stairs that climb up the trail rather than the right side with the wooden arch with the Chi Ma Wan Country Trail sign to continue Lantau Trail Section 12.

From there, the trail gradually heads up flights of steps before it flattens along the dirt trail. There are lots of spider webs along the route, make sure you watch out for them.

The trail goes through the shaded section of the hike, there are plenty of trees and a few sections with overgrown vegetation.

After a few more climbs we reached the helipad at Tai Ngau Wu Teng, unfortunately, it was foggy during our hike, and we were not able to see a clear view of the open space at the helipad section.

We continued to follow the trail and passed the radio station before descending once again along stone steps that would then turn into stairs.

Soon we arrived at a barbeque area at Pak Fu Tin Campsite, right after the trail began to flatten until we reached the cement road. Continue to follow the sign toward Mui Wo to carry on the Lantau Trail.

The road gradually descends toward the direction of Lai Chi Yuen Cemetery, not very long after you see the sign of Mui Wo pointing toward the stairs on the left, take the stairs up and continue to hike along the trail.

From this point, it’s 3.5 km until we reach Mui Wo, it is a relaxing hike along the dirt trail with a few shaded areas.

Closer to Mui Wo, the trail is shared with mountain bikers, remember to be careful and courteous.

Before the last descent, you will be able to see the Mui Wo Ferry Pier from the trail, and not very long after we descended a few steps before reaching Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road.

Continue to follow the road in the direction of the Pier to end the hike at the green post box where the start of Lantau Trail Section 1 is located.

Overall this section is considered a relatively moderate hike with a series of uphill and downhill from the beginning and middle part before finishing with a relaxed hike at the end of the trail.

We recommend bringing at least 2 liters of hydration, a pair of trekking poles, and quick-dry apparel, and comfortable hiking shoes.