Trio Beach Loop - Tsui Hang Nature Trail to Ma Lam Wat

Trio Beach Loop - Tsui Hang Nature Trail to Ma Lam Wat

Our hike started at the Lions Nature Education Centre then making our way towards Tsui Hang Nature Trail followed by heading up the trail leading to Trio beach before eventually hiking the coastal lines along the beach to get to Ma Lam Wat.

The trail is relatively easy hike, plenty of signage along the trail, flat ground terrain with a few cemented paths as well. There are occasional flights of steps ascending and descending along the way but nothing challenging.

The only section challenging on the entire route is the section along the coastal line heading back up the trail at Ma Lam Wat.

There are 2 options on how to tackle that section.

Easy and safer option is descending the lower rocks along the coastline closer to the water and getting your feet and shoes soak. If the tide is low, you are lucky to not get wet.

Challenging and quite dangerous approach requires scaling down the 15 metres high, almost vertical stone wall.

Note that only climb down the hard section if you are confident and physically fit - although there is a rope already attached to assist the descend, upper body strength and grip are needed to slowly lower yourself down, be very cautious.

Once we connected back on the trail, the return hike is fairly easy and ended our hike at Chek Keng Tuk Road and took the bus back to the city.

Recommended to bring at least 2 litres of hydration, food and snacks.
Traversing along the coastal line is open with little to none shaded places to get out of the sun.

Wear quick dry apparels, bring insect repellent, sleevets, cap/hat, a pair of gloves and comfortable and good grip hiking shoes.

Distance - 11.25 km

Duration - 5 hours

Difficulty- 3/5 Intermediate