Hong Kong Trail section 7-8 | Tai Tam Road to Big Wave Bay

Hong Kong Trail section 7-8 | Tai Tam Road to Big Wave Bay

Taking off where we last ended the hike at Tai Tam Road, Section 7 is again a paved trail that runs alongside a catchwater almost all the way.

Distance - 15.5 km

Duration - 5 hours (Include rest and photo)

Difficulty - 3/5 Intermediate

It is just a transition to get to section 8. There are a few sections that offer views of Tai Tam Harbour, the trail for the most part is flat and easy, but the last part that ascends toward Shek O Road is uphill and pretty steep along a series of steps.

When hiking along this section, it is best to put on insect repellent and be aware of spider webs along the way. Be cautious as you might encounter a few snakes along the way as we had.

Section 8 the last leg of the Hong Kong trail, travels along the ridge of Dragon’s Back.

Upon reaching Shek O Road, we continued to follow the signage of Dragon’s Back. The beginning is along a shaded path, and after a few minutes into the hike, the path opens up as we ascend.

We headed toward the first viewing point which was made out of lots of little rocky outcrops along the sloping cliff, be careful not to stand close to the edges or cliffs.

Once we left the viewing point, we continued to walk along the ridge of Dragon’s Back. The path stays on the ridge for a while with some viewing points before reaching the summit point of the Dragon’s Back.

The weather was foggy and we could not see anything at the summit point and decided to head down.

The rest of the hike gradually descended through the trees, and at the junction below we continued toward Tai Tam Gap. After 30 minutes we reached another junction, which is paved, and continued along the Hong Kong trail toward Big Wave Bay.

The last part of the trail was a descent toward Tai Long Wan Village along a few rocky sections and steps. The distance post-H100 is the last marker of the Hong Kong Trail, however, the trail does not end there.

It continues along the village and towards the bus stop until the information board of Section 8 which marks the end of the Hong Kong Trail.

We recommend bringing at least 2 liters of water, and extra sports drinks with a few snacks or food. Wear comfortable, quick-dry apparel and comfortable hiking shoes. Wear a cap for the open areas of the trail and use insect repellent.