Castle Peak Hinterland

Castle Peak Hinterland

The terrain of Hinterland is complex. The path is full of yellow sand and gravel. There’re many branch trails but no navigation signs at all.

Recommended to plan and research the area before hiking this mountains.

1. Unique gravel trail
2. Piggy Rock and Star Gap
3. Fa Heung Lo Teng ( Flower Scented Stove)
4. Sliced Bread Rock
5. Ching Chung Hung Yung

Distance: 7km
Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty: 3/5

Our route :
Lung Kwu Tan > Pak Long> Pig Rock/ Star Gap > Fa Heung Lo Teng > Sliced Bread Rock >Ching Chung Hung Yung > Yuet Nga Valley (Crescent Moon Valley) > Wu Du Shui > Leung Tin Au > Leung King Estates