Hung Shui Hang to Tai Tong | via Kung Um Shan

Hung Shui Hang to Tai Tong | via Kung Um Shan

 Kung Um Shan, also known as Mount 297 is located in the northwestern part of the New Territories, northeast of Hung Shui Hang Reservoir, and a mountain on the west side of Tai Tong.

The summit of Kung Um Shan offers an amazing panoramic view that includes Kai Kung Shan, Tai To Yan, and Tai Mo Shan while overlooking the entire Tin Shui Wai and Yuen Long.

Although Kung Um Shan is not well known, the Majestic Eagle Rock near its location has attracted hikers to visit. 

This rock formation is not hard to locate as it can be spotted from afar, this rock is located on a slope, which looks like a huge face of an eagle or bird. 

Take care while taking photos of the rock formation and don’t stand along the edges of the rocks.

Distance - 8km

Duration - 4.5 hours (Includes photos & rest)

Difficulty - 3.5 Intermediate 

Getting there - Take the train to Sui Hong Station then after take the light rail to Chung Uk Tsuen.

Cross the flyover to Chung Uk Tsuen to Kwong Tin Street. Walk along the catchwater, pass the Wo Ping San Tsuen pavilion, and follow the steam until Shun Tat Road.

Continue along Shun Tat Road and at the end there is a pathway along the village houses along the Hung Shui Hang Stream.

Follow the pathway and it eventually heads to the trail section. Continue to walk on the dirt path to reach the Main Dam of Hung Shui Hang Reservoir.

Enjoy the scenery at the Main Dam and rest before you continue.

Hung Shui Hang Reservoir is an irrigation reservoir similar to Lam Tei Reservoir. 

After our short break, continue along the end of the Dam, and to the right the trail emerges again.

Follow the trail until you reach a slight slope on the left where you head up, continue to follow along the trail until you reach an electric tower.

After passing the tower, you will be able to see the Majestic Eagle Rock from afar. Continue to follow the clear trail towards the rock formation to reach the Majestic Eagle Rock.

Enjoy taking photos at the rock formation but keep in mind to keep off the edges, then continue to head up the trail to continue to Kung Um Shan.

The trail slowly becomes rugged and difficult to walk, and quite slippery due to the small stones. After a while, another electric tower can be seen, and behind it is Kung Um Shan.

The summit of Kung Um Shan has an open scenery, enjoy the 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains and the entire North of the New Territories. 

To continue, head back towards the electric tower at the transmitter station, an obvious trail heading down can be seen.

Descend the trail along small steps, watch out for the metal sticking out of the steps.

After about 20 minutes of descent, the trail comes to what seems like an abandoned house. These houses are located behind Kung Um Temple, walk along the left side of the house that connects to the concrete steps with yellow railings.

The road continues downhill and passes through a few car garages before it reaches Kung Um Road and Pak Sha Shan Road to end the hike.

There is a minibus stop once you reach the main road, take it to Long Ping MTR station.

Overall, the hike offers 3 different attractions - Hung Shui Hang Reservoir, Majestic Eagle Rock, and Kung Um Shan. 

Although the trail is undeniable, it is not marked, and there are few ribbons along the way as guides. Hikers must know how to read and follow the map or GPS.

We recommend bringing at least 2 liters of hydration, wearing proper hiking apparel, and wearing comfortable hiking shoes with good grip.