Plover Cove Reservoir

Plover Cove Reservoir
Drop off at Double Haven Country Trail

The whole journey from Wu Kau Tang via Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail to Tai Mei Tuk is a long hike, it is approximately 18km and can take up to 7 hours to complete. Although the mountains are not high compared to others, it can still be challenging.

When taking this route, please note the following:
- Some section are gravelly and challenging. As there is only one side exit to leave the trail, it is recommended for hikers with experience in long hikes.
- Mobile networks coverage is poor along the way, and there is no emergency helpline along trail. Take photos of post sign when passing.
- The entire trail runs along the ridgeline. It is mostly unsheltered. Hikers will be exposed to risk sunburn and heat stroke during hot weather. Check weather before hiking this trail.
- The trail ends at the main dam in Pak Sha Tau. Continue to walk about 2km in the main dam til Tai Mei Tuk for Public Transport.

Plover Cove Reservoir
Fishing Club - 水中天休閒釣魚會
Mount Newland - Kwun Yam Tung
Hung Shek Mun Au

Tai Po Market MTR> Wu Kau Tang > Double Haven Country > Plover Cover Reservoir Country trail> Tai Mei Tuk

Difficulty - 3/5
Distance - 18 km
Duration - 7 hr