Nei Lak Shan

Nei Lak Shan

The eight highest peak in Hong Kong, towering North of Ngong Ping located in Lantau Island.

The hike is considered to be moderate, however, beginner hikers can also be able to tackle this route while accompanied by an experienced hiker.

The hike is along Nei Lak Shan Country trail then it soon connects to the trail leading up to the summit.

Passing a few stone stair steps, followed by some incline ascends through bushy paths, you’ll be able to reach the summit in no time.

Not long while heading up the trail, on the first hill, look back and see the amazing panoramic view of Lantau and Sunset Peak with the Wisdom Path and Big Buddha in one frame.

The further up you get, the more view it offers.

Once at the summit of Nei Lak Shan offers 360 view of mountains, city and sea.

In every turn you look, something interesting can be seen and worth taking a picture.

Great pictures can also be taken at Nei Lak Shan Helipad which is just adjacent of the summit point.

The views include the HK Airport, HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Lantau and Sunset Peak, Tung Chung and many more.

This is best experienced during a fine and clear weather.

After the helipad, continue down the trail towards the Cable Car Angle Station and follow the trail back to Ngong Ping Village to end the hike.

The descend is slightly steep but not challenging and technical.

Remember to constantly check your gps to avoid heading in the wrong direction.

Bring along at least 2 litres of hydration and some snacks.

Wear appropriate hiking apparels, wear sleevets, hat or cap and comfortable hiking shoes. Bring along sunscreen and insect repellent.

Distance - 6.31km
Duration - 3 hours (Includes rest and photos)
Difficulty - 2/5 Intermediate

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