Chi Ma Wan Peninsula (East) | Balanced Rock & Elephant Rock

Chi Ma Wan Peninsula (East) | Balanced Rock & Elephant Rock

We headed back Chi Ma Wan Peninsula again to explore the Chi Ma Wan Boulder Field where the Balanced Rock is located before heading down towards the Elephant Rock situated at the overgrown section a few metres above the coastal line of the peninsula.

Our adventure started at the Chi Sun Correctional Institution at Chi Ma Wan Road. Here are few options how to get there:

From Tung Chung Bus Terminal, take the 3M bus (Mui Wo) get off at Lo Uk Tsuen bus stop at Pui O, then follow along the Chi Ma Wan Road heading towards the Correctional Institution. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes walk to reach the correctional Institution, depending on how fast your pace.

From Mui Wo, take the inter island ferry to Chi Ma Wan pier. The ferry takes around 15 minutes from Mui Wo to Chi Ma Wan.

(Timetable for references - https:// ) Once at the Chi Ma Wan Pier, its about 10 - 15 minutes walk to the Correctional Institution.

Take a taxi either from Tung Chung or Mui Wo straight to the Chi Sun Correctional Institution.

Walking along the main road towards the direction of the Lantau Forest Track Chi Ma Wan Section, before merging onto the Chi Ma Wan Country Trail.

Along Chi Ma Wan Country trail, we hiked along distance posts C1428, C1426 and C1425 to reach the Chi Ma Wan Boulder Field.

Heading up the boulder fields needs a few scrambling up the rocks and going in through some tight spaces. There are plenty of ribbon markers along the trail and clear paths with a few overgrown areas.

Be careful climbing the balanced rock as it requires pulling yourself up while using the rope at the almost vertical wall of the rock.

Once we finished exploring the Boulder field, we backtrack down the same trail towards the Chi Ma Wan Country trail and continued along distance post C1423 until we the reached the trail junction heading towards the Elephant Rock.

Note that the trail leading towards the Elephant Rock is off trail, carefully navigate by following the ribbon markers along the trail.

There are sections you may come across that are slightly steep and overgrown, make use of the trees and branches as assistance for balance.

After a few scrambling along the trails, we finally reached the Elephant Rock.

Be careful to climb up the rock, there is a rope tied onto 2 branches that acts as a ladder to help reach the top.

After enjoying the view and rested on the top, we headed down towards the coastline.

We follow the path just underneath the Elephant Rock that are clearly marked with ribbons until we reach the coast.

Be cautious heading down as there are a few sections that are along the edges and slightly steep.

Along the coastline, there are plenty of rock formations that can be seen; Roasted Goose Rock, Coffin Rock, Big Foot Rock, Jewellery box Rock and the Fairy Rock.

We walked along the coastline towards the direction of Ha Keng, scrambling up and down the rocks until we reached the trail heading back up the Chi Ma Wan Country Trail.

The trail ascending up is quite overgrown, slightly steep and filled with a few thorny plants. Beware of wasp hive along the way.

Once on the Chi Ma Wan Country Trail, we took the direction towards the Dragon’s tail junction, from there we hiked back towards the Chi Sun Correctional Institution and finished our hike.

To catch the bus at Pui O, just follow along the Chi Ma Wan Road until you reach the South Lantau Road.

We recommend to bring at least 2-3 litres of hydration, plenty of snacks and wear quick dry anti-UV apparels.

Wear comfortable good grip hiking shoes, also wear a fisherman hat or cap and arm sleeves/ sleevelets. Bring along sunscreen and insect repellent.

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