Chi Ma Wan Peninsula (East) | Cheung Sha Wan & Ha Keng

Chi Ma Wan Peninsula (East) | Cheung Sha Wan & Ha Keng

Hike Information details

Distance - 8.80km

Duration - 5 hours

Difficulty - 4/5 Advance

To further explore the east side of Chi Ma Wan Peninsula, we’ve taken the route of Cheng Sha Wan to Ha Keng by starting at the Chi Ma Wan ferry pier that’s located near Chi Sun Correctional Institution.

We recommend taking the outlying island ferry from Mui Wo Ferry Pier to Chi Ma Wan Pier to save time and energy, instead of hiking all the way from Pui O to the Chi Sun Correctional Institution. 

The trail are along paved pathways, a few dirt trails and majority of unmaintained trails that passes along secluded small beaches and villages. 

There are many sections on this route that requires bushwhacking through overgrown areas. 

It’s a fairly easy hike from the Correctional Institution to Cheung Sha Wan, hiking along paved pathways with occasional stairs until we reached the first small beach at Cheung Sha Wan. Along the beach area, we saw lots of dead fish washed at shore, maybe coming from the fish pen which is near by.

We continue to follow along the beach and saw a few tarps erected at the side along Cheung Sha Wan, do not enter this area as it is private property. Continue to walk towards nearly the end of the beach until you see a small pathway on the right that continues along the trail.

This trail gradually becomes overgrown the further you get into the hike. Continue to follow the ribbon markers along the trail and watch out for thorny plants as well.

We continued to follow the trail, and it leads towards the second beach. Once we reached the beach area, suddenly, a few dogs came out barking at us while at the beach. Better be careful being attacked by them. We are uncertain wether there is a private area nearby that section.

Continue to walk towards the end of the beach, then you will find an opening on the right which the trail leads up towards the pipeline.

The trail now is more overgrown than the previous, it goes along the huge pipeline which eventually we have to walk on further during the hike. Lookout for spider webs and spiky plants along this section. 

Once we have finished bushwhacking, the trail becomes more open and leads towards the coastline of the Peninsula.

There are plenty of rock formation along the seaside and the view of Cheung Chau Island is seen just at the opposite. Another attraction will be Ha So Pai, which is just a few metres away from the shore that can be reached by swimming or probably walk to when the water is low.

Getting to Ha Keng can be a bit challenging. There is a section up the rocks that requires to clamber up using the ropes attached before descend a slightly steep sloped rock to reach the Ha Keng Pier.

Be cautious along this area, once we have reached the Ha Keng Pier, it’s an easy walk towards the village.

Avoid venturing along the private areas of the village, and constantly check your map. 

Once we passed the Christian Zheng Sheng College, we took the trail that heads up Chi Ma Wan Country trail then continue towards Shap Long Irrigation Reservoir. 

It is an easy walk back towards the Correctional Institution from there before where we ended the hike.

We recommend to bring at least 2-3 litres of hydration, plenty of snacks or fruits. Wear comfortable hiking shoes, proper hiking apparels and bring along insect repellent and sunscreen.

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