Lantau Trail Section 10&11 | Shui Hau to Pui O

Lantau Trail Section 10&11 | Shui Hau to Pui O

Section 10 starts just after Shui Hau Village at the Information Board located at the entrance of the trail.

Distance - 10.5 km

Duration - 3 hours (Includes rest & photo)

Difficulty - 2.5/5

Beginner to Advance

The hike begins along a dirt trail accompanied by plenty of trees, but there are also many mountain graves at the start.

It’s a nice warm-up at the dirt trail, which is followed by a long walk along the catchwater toward Pui O.

In addition to the particularly long catchwater, this section is quite special as it also leads to the entrances of the Southern Ridge of Lantau Peak; South Heaven’s Gate, Teapot Tsui, East Dog Teeth, and many more.

At the catchwater, you will find that it’s an easy and comfortable walk, you’ll find plenty of picnic sites, and sitting areas. However, keep in mind that the catchwater is also a bike trail, be careful and courteous.

There is not much scenery along the catchwater.

We followed the catchwater until it passes underneath Tung Chung Road, at this point of the hike, we are now at Lantau Trail Section 11.

The paved road along the catchwater continues for a few more kilometers before it turns into a dirt trail once again, now we are closer to Pui O and hiking along San Shek Wan area.

The trail is along shaded areas with a few descends along stone steps, but watch out along this section as there are a few snakes that are spotted along this trail by the locals.

Section 11 continues along South Lantau Road before it ends just opposite Bui O School at Lo Uk Tsuen, you can choose to hop on to the bus either heading to Mui Wo or Tung Chung as the bus stop is a few meters away from the end point of the hike or simple go into the restaurant nearby to have a bite to eat after the hike.

Overall the hike is suitable for beginners as the trail is mainly along a flat paved road and a few dirt trails, although some may consider this section of Lantau Trail boring, sometimes it is also good to experience a much-relaxed trail without having to tire your self climbing up along huge stones and flights of stairs.

We recommend bringing at least 1 liter of hydration and an energy bar or snacks, and wearing comfortable shoes and quick-dry apparel.