Lantau Trail Section 9 | Shek Pik to Shui Hau

Lantau Trail Section 9 | Shek Pik to Shui Hau

The hike starts along the roadside of the beautiful Shek Pik reservoir with an amazing landscape view of the famous Dog’s Teeth Range and Lantau Peak.

Distance - 7 km

Duration - 2 hours (Includes rest & photo)

Difficulty - 2.5/5

Beginner to Intermediate

The trail goes along a paved road before it goes into the forest on a nice man-made stone path. Along the forest, it is a shaded and enjoyable walk with nature, however, there is less to no cell signal along the way.

The hike climbs up to some nice views and the trail occasionally goes up and down along the way but requires less effort only. There are a series of stone step stairs along the way which can be tiring for beginner hikers.

Continuing to follow the trail as it gradually flattens before it turns to steps that head down toward Lo Kei Wan Beach. The beach serves as a campsite, and the secluded nature of the beach was too inviting, we stopped to rest and listen to the waves before continuing the hike.

The last part of the section is along a paved path in the country park heading to the village of Shui Hau.

The walk along the country park is also quite picturesque, with a few spots closer to the village showing Lantau Peak and Dog’s Teeth Range.

There are small stores along the village to buy drinks and snacks before taking the bus back to Tung Chung.

Overall this hike is a relatively easy coastal walk that involves minimal climbing. There are sections along the coastal scenery has a few stunning views which don’t last for long but the good thing is that there are plenty of shaded areas along the trail.

We recommend bringing at least 1.5 to 2 liters of hydration with a few snacks. Trekking poles can be a huge help during the climbs along the stone steps, and wear comfortable hiking apparel and shoes.