Wilson Trail Section 10 | Tai Mei Tuk to Nam Chung

Wilson Trail Section 10 | Tai Mei Tuk to Nam Chung
We started back at Tai Mei Tuk where we ended our last hike coming from Section 8&9 of the Wilson Trail. 
Distance: 10km
Duration: 4 hours (Includes rest & photos)
Difficulty: 2/5 Beginner to Intermediate 
Walking to Plover Cove Country Park Tai Mei Tuk Management Centre then hiking up along Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail before merging onto Wilson Trail Section 10. 
The final section of the Wilson Trail starts along the descent from the last Immortal (Hsien Ku Fung), then continues along the Bride’s Pool signage. 
The trail is fairly easy, hiking along a well-maintained pathway with plenty of signages. 
Note that there is no cell signal mostly along this route. 
Passing through a few abandoned village houses, a forest section, and a few streams. 
The hike is quite relaxed throughout, although there are no major areas to get a great view of the landscape, it is still a great trail for a quiet walk with nature kind of hike. 
The trail is mostly along shaded areas, dirt and gravel trails with occasional short climbs and descends. 
The last part of the trail is along a paved road, which is after passing the Kiu Shan Bridge, at this point, it is not long until the end point of the trail. 
Once we’ve reached the stone signage marked Wilson Trail, this marks the end point of section 10. 
To exit the hike, continue to walk along the road passing Nam Chung Village, and at the end of it you will reach Luk Keng Road where you can take the minibus 56K to Fan Ling MTR station. 
We recommend bringing at least 2 liters of hydration with a few snacks. 
Wear comfortable hiking shoes and quick-dry apparel.