MacLehose Trail Section 7&8 | Shing Mun Reservoir to Route Twisk

MacLehose Trail Section 7&8 | Shing Mun Reservoir to Route Twisk

Starting our journey at the Shing Mun Country Park at the Pineapple Dam, we continued where we left off at end of the MacLehose Trail Section 6 and the starting of Section 7 at the Shing Mun BBQ site.

Distance - 19.55km

Duration - 7 hours (Including rest and photo taking)

Difficulty - 4/5 Intermediate to Advance

Walking along the Shing Mun Reservoir’s Main Dam towards the Section 7 trail arch, before heading up towards Needle Hill.

The trail can be challenging in places as it has many steep climbs. However, the trail is well-marked and there are steps on the hills. Enjoy 360-degree views of Tai Mo Shan, Tsuen Wan, Tsing Yi, Lantau Island, Shatin, and Ma On Shan while at the summit.

The trail then heads down a flight of steps before merging onto the paved road. The long winding trail down Needle Hill remains visible for quite a distance and looks quite beautiful!

We continue on MacLehose Section 7 before taking a short detour towards the X-Rock on the way to Lead Mine Pass.

Along the Shing Mun Forest Track Grass Hill Section there is a trail located on the right hand leading towards the electric tower, below it is where the X-Rock is located.

The X-Rock is quite interesting, it has a huge X that seems to be craved on the rock. You can also sit on top of the rock to take photos.

We continued to walk along section 7 following the signpost towards Lead Mine Pass, the trail descends a few stone steps before reaching the paved road again until Tai Po Kau Forest Track - Kau Lead Section.

At the Lead Mine Pass, you will see the beginning of the MacLehose Trail Section 8, this is the way up Tai Mo Shan.

The uphill section of the trail is long and, inside the forest, it is just like other official country trails in the area. Walking along the Sze Fong Shan ridge is enjoyable and the views around are beautiful and spectacular.

Once we descended from Sze Fong Shan, we walked along the paved road of the Tai Mo Shan Forest Track. The road heads uphill very frequently, it’s good to take a slow pace as it’s a long journey up the Tai Mo Shan Radar Station.

From the Radar Station, we continued to follow the MacLehose trail section 7 until the Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre Kiosk, which was along the paved road and a few short trails with a long flight of stairs closer to the kiosk area.

Overall the 2 sections are considered to be a long but enjoyable hike, it’s filled will amazing views on the higher sections of the hike.

Bring along at least 2 liters of water and extra sports drinks, although there are some filling stations along the way, sometimes the machines are out of order.

Bring a few snacks and weather-appropriate hiking apparel. Wear comfortable hiking shoes, and use trekking poles, it helps during the climb and long distance of the hike.

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