The Hunch Backs & Ma On Shan via Tiu Shau Ngam (North Ridge)

The Hunch Backs & Ma On Shan via Tiu Shau Ngam (North Ridge)

Tiu Shau Ngam is a dangerous peak located east of Shatin, belonging to the Hunch Back West Ridge.

The section of Tiu Shau Ngam (North Ridge) is dominated by big rocks, with an inclination of about 40-50 degrees, and is listed as one of the 16 “high-risk locations” for hikers in Hong Kong.

We recommend this route to more advanced hikers, as the climb can sometimes be very steep and dangerous.

Distance: 11.4km
Duration: 5.5 hours (includes rest & photos)
Difficulty: 5/5

Our journey started at Heng On MTR station, then we followed the bicycle lane toward Ma On Shan Tsuen Road.

We continued on the Ma On Shan Tsuen Road, the road gently heads uphill toward the Ma On Shan Salt Water Service Reservoir before it merges with the Morning Walker Garden.

Follow the steps heading up until the pavilion where old people go to do their morning exercises.

To continue, proceed to the left side of the pavilion where there is a whiteboard with Chinese wording.

At this point, the trail begins to steepen in some parts gradually, there are ropes along the trail that can be used as assistance.

The trail begins to ascend along big rocks and requires using both hands to lift yourself to continue in some parts of the trail, this section is the most challenging of the hike.

There are a few ribbon markers along the trail, however, some may not have markers, so you may need to figure out a safe to climb.

Remember to always ensure your safety, If unsure about the route it is best not to continue.

There are lots of steep inclines ahead before reaching the top of Tiu Shau Ngam summit, there is no summit point on top rather just a few rocks.

Once we have reached Tiu Sham Ngam, it’s a much easier ascend toward Hunch Backs. The trail is more walkable and requires no clambering anymore.

There is no summit point at the Hunch Back, rather only a warning signage with the Chinese word which translates as “Hunch Back Mountain”.

On a clear day, you’ll be able to see the beautiful landscape of the neighboring mountains. During our visit was foggy and the visibility was low, however, it was enjoyable.

Continue to follow the trail toward Ma On Shan, the trail begins to go up and down along a well-visible dirt path until the summit of Ma On Shan.

It was still foggy at the summit of Ma On Shan, on a clear day, this will be a great viewpoint.

At this point, we continue to head down toward MacLehose Trail Section 4 which is the direction of Ma On Au.

The ridge now is quite rocky and slippery but there is nothing too dangerous about it when you take your time and head down slowly at your own pace.

There are several ways to exit the trail, take the right side trail at Ma On Au Junction which leads to Pyramid Hills then exit from Ngong Ping Plateau to Po Lo Che, Sai Kung, or take the left side trail to head down to Shui Long Wo, Sai Kung.

Both trails are along the MacLehose Trail Section 4.

There are a few flights of steps along the descent toward Shui Long Wo, the trail also passes a few paved roads before passing through the Shui Long Wo Campsite.

After passing the campsite, it only takes a few more minutes to reach the endpoint at the Sai Sha BBQ Area site which is located at Sai Sha Road.

There are plenty of buses along the Sai Sha Road to head back towards the city. Overall, this route is very challenging from the Tiu Shau Ngam section which eventually relaxes once reaching the Hunch Back and Ma On Shan section.

We recommend bringing at least 2 liters of hydration and wearing proper hiking apparel with good grip hiking shoes. Bring along a pair of gloves for climbing.

Lastly, as we mentioned, this section is listed as a high-risk hiking location do it at your own risk. Safety First.