Lion Rock via Horse Rock Ridge

Lion Rock via Horse Rock Ridge

Lion Rock, Hong Kong’s iconic peak is known for its breathtaking views of the city and its peculiar shape that can be identified from miles away.

There are many ways to head up the peak, from an easy relaxed trail, to a challenging and risky trail.

Distance - 5.7km
Duration - 3 hours (Includes rest & photos)
Difficulty - 3.5/5
Intermediate to Advance

We decided to head up via Horse Rock Ridge, and Lion’s Tail Ridge to reach the top of the iconic mountain.

Starting at the Wong Tai Sing MTR station, we went to Shatin Pass Road, walking uphill along the relatively steep incline road.

About 20-minute walk, just passing the Fat Jong Temple, you will notice an open gate on the left-hand side of Shatin Pass Road that heads up a slightly narrow road, this is the way heading toward the Horse Rock Ridge.

At the end of the road, what looks like a dead end, you’ll have to navigate your way up to reach the staircase that brings you to the start of the Horse Rock Ridge.

Unfortunately, there are no ribbon markers along this part of the trail, you’ll have to depend on your GPS map.

Once you have climbed the staircase, turn left to continue and the Horse Rock Ridge sign entryway is on the right-hand side.

The beginning of the trail is a bit challenging already, and you have to use your hands to head up the trail.

There are a few ropes along the trail to assist with the climb, but remember that they are a bit old and may not be as strong and stable.

The climb itself is not hard, however, it’s the few sections of the ridge that are along the edges that make the climb quite dangerous.

After clambering up a few steep sections of the trail, we finally reached the Horse Rock Ridge, a huge stone that looks like a horse’s head.

Be careful while taking photos at Horse Rock as some parts are near the edges of the trail, also, avoid climbing up the top of the rock formation as it can be dangerous, safety first always.

After admiring the rock formation, continue to head up the left-hand side of the Horse Rock which connects to Lion’s Tail Ridge.

Follow the ribbons on the left and that leads to a dirt trail, which is exactly the section of Lion’s Tail Ridge.

The scenery becomes more open and can overlook the neighboring mountains, and New Territories.

Continue along the trail with a few more climbs, and you will come to the cliff hazard warning archway in Lion Rock.

The trail becomes more walkable along the Lion Rock trail as it is well-maintained and has plenty of signages to follow along.

Head up toward the Lion Head, and enjoy the view but remember do not stand close to the cliff edge for safety.

Once you finished, head back onto the trail and continue toward Kowloon Pass Pavilion, once there, follow the sign to Wang Tau Hom until you reach the stairs that lead back to Lion Rock Park to end the hike.

To take transportation, continue along the stairs just below Lion Rock Park, which connects to Chuk Yuen Road. There are buses on both sides, alternatively, you can also walk to Wong Tai Sin or Lok Fu to catch the MTR.

Overall, the hike has plenty of scenic sections with a few challenging climbs along the way. It is important to be aware that the climb along Horse Rock Ridge is very steep and dangerous, beginner hikers should not attempt to do it alone.

Furthermore, we recommend avoiding climbing it during or after rain as the trail is closer to the edge of the cliff.

Wearing good-grip hiking shoes is a must! Bring at least 2 liters of hydration, a compact backpack, and proper hiking apparel.

Lastly, be very cautious when attempting this route, do not over-challenge it, and make sure safety is the priority.