Dog's Teeth Range Ridge | East Dog, Middle Dog, West Dog

Dog's Teeth Range Ridge | East Dog, Middle Dog, West Dog

There are three primary ridge hikes on Kau Nga Ling - West Kau Nga, Middle Kau Nga, and East Kau Nga. All three routes are technically and physically demanding, as hikers must deal with jagged rock clusters under exposed conditions.

Distance - 10km

Duration - 6.5 hours

Difficulty - 5/5 Advance

Our route is to traverse all three challenging ridges in one go, starting the climb at East Dog Teeth Ridge before descending along Middle Dog Teeth Ridge and then climbing up the hardest section of all three ridges, West Dog Teeth Ridge before making our way up Hades Wall and Tsam Chai Au then ending our hike at Wisdom Path in Ngong Ping.

We started at the Lantau Trail Section 10 in Shui Hau Village, following the dirt trail path to the Tong Fuk Catchwater section where the climb toward East Dog Teeth begins.

This section is quite bushy and has plenty of spider webs along the trail, and yet the path is quite identifiable with ribbons.

After a few meters of climbing, the trail opens up and when you look back, you will have a view of the Shui Hau View and the nearby beaches along Lantau.

There are a series of climbs along East Dog Teeth Ridge, it is better to take your time and hydrate as often as possible.

The steepest climb comes when you are closer to the top of East Dog Ridge, it heads up a stone-filled dirt trail with a rope along the climb. Double check the rope condition as it might be worn out to avoid any injuries.

Once we have reached the top of East Dog Ridge, we continue to follow the trail heading up toward Middle Dog Teeth Ridge.

The weather was very foggy during our climb and the trail was a bit wet due to the high humidity.

Along Middle Dog Teeth Ridge, the trail also consists of rocky and jagged rocks with occasional steep descends. The Middle Dog Teeth is the only section among the three that has a summit point.

It is great to take photos at the summit point and refuel before continuing the journey.

From the summit, continue to descend along the trail, it doesn’t take long before you reach the Shek Pik Country Trail.

Hiking along the Shek Pik Country Trail gives us a chance to relax as the trail is flat and walkable before we meet the most challenging part of our hike, heading up West Dog Teeth.

On the right-hand side of the trail, you will see a rocky ramp with Chinese characters. This is the start of the West Dog’s Teeth Ridge and the point when you leave the Shek Pik Country Trail.

The dirt path now turns into a rocky scramble. It’s quite a steep climb and you must use your hands in a few sections.

keep a slow and steady pace at this section due to the incline and rough terrain but before too long, you will be rewarded with great views back down to the reservoir.

Once you have reached the top of West Dog Teeth Ridge, Kau Nga Ling will be located on the right-hand side.

Kau Nga Ling is the intersection of all three ridges, and it is where the “Lifeline” is located. We continue to follow the trail just passing at the side of Kau Nga Ling heading toward another steep climb, Hades Wall.

The ascend along Hades Wall offers views of the whole ridge, especially during a clear day. Make sure to stay along the visible trails and not wander along the edges during the climb.

Continue along the top of Hades Wall onto the Bird’s Rock followed by Tsam Chai Au, once at the junction of Tsam Chai Au, we descended toward Ngong Ping to end our adventure at Wisdom Path.

Overall this climb is very challenging and requires good physical strength to endure the climbs. As the saying goes “The best views come after the hardest climb” is put into aspect during this hike.

When trying this route, it is important to check the weather condition and temperature as the trails are open throughout and it might be harmful or even dangerous to climb on a very hot day.

Bring at least 2 liters of water or more, plenty of food, or energy bars for refueling.

It is important to wear proper hiking apparel and comfortable good grip hiking shoes. In addition, using trekking poles helps during the climb.