Nga Ying Shan 373m

Nga Ying Shan 373m

Nga Ying Shan and Tsim Fung Shan are situated in Tai O which is located at the western side of Lantau Island. Mostly, the route makes for easy walking, but there are occasional steep climbs and ascents.

The trails leading up Nga Ying Shan are consist of stone steps, well maintained trail and a few over grown trails leading up to the summit. Before Tsim Fung Shan, we visited the Flying Dragon which was just off Lantau trail section 5 passed the Man Cheung Po campsite. The dragon, set vividly on rocks, is 6 metres long. In a spirited posture, it overlooks the whole Man Cheung Po plain.

The trail to Tsim Fung Shan are overly grown and a few steep slopes compared to Nga Ying Shan. The very top of the mountain does not have a summit point but rather consist of few boulders. Heading back down to Tai o via Lantau Trail section 6 has some few steeper descends from Tsim Fung Shan.

Tai O Fishing Village
Hong Kong - Zuhai - Macau Bridge
Statue of the Flying Dragon
Landscape view of South Lantau Country Park (South West)

*We recommend to wear long sleeves and long pants during the hike, in order to protect your self from overgrown vines along the trail. Proper hiking shoes and well grip are best while traversing some of the steep parts of the trail. Trekking pole will come handy as well, bring along headlamp or flashlight. Plenty of hydration and food are recommended longer distance hike. Make sure to bring along extra layers of clothing in case of weather changes.

Distance: 11.96km
Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty - Beginners to Intermediate 2/5