Rabbit Rock via Wilson Trail Section 4 | CNY 2023

Rabbit Rock via Wilson Trail Section 4 | CNY 2023
We did a quick hike up Rabbit Rock to celebrate the CNY.

Distance - 5.7km
Duration - 2.5hours
Difficulty - Beginners to Intermediate

Our Route: Tate’s Pass > Wilson Trail Section 4 > MacLehose Trail Section 4 > Tate’s Pass > Fei Ngo Shan Road.

We started our hike at the junction of Tate's Pass then took Wilson Trail Section 4 towards Tung Yeung Shan.

The trail heading up Tung Yeung Shan summit is fairly easy. Ascending up a few steps and occasional dirt paths.

The climb takes about 15 minutes to reach the summit of Tung Yeung Shan, then you basically follow the trail towards Rabbit Rock.

During our hike towards Rabbit Rock, views of Sai Kung and Tai Po can be seen along the way.

The rock formation is easily to be spotted, as it resembles a figure of a rabbit from a far.

There are quite a number of hikers taking photo during the time we hiked, and we had to take turns in order to take pictures.

Be cautious when taking photos on the rock formation and don't stay close to the edges.

Once we have enjoyed our time at the rock formation, we continued to follow the trail merging onto MacLehose Trail Section 4.

The descent has a short section that is slightly steep but nothing challenging along dirt trails and a few rocky sections before it continues to gradually relax until the MacLehose Trail Section 4.

We took the trail heading back towards Gilwell Campsite along MacLehose Trail Section 4 then headed back to Tate's Pass.

From Tate's Pass junction, we headed down along Fei Ngo Shan Road; walking along a gradually descending paved road, towards Clear Water Bay Road to catch transportation back to Choi Hung MTR Station to end the hike.

We recommend bringing at least 1 liter of water and few snacks for this short hike.

Wear proper hiking apparels with comfortable and good grip hiking shoes as there are some sections along the trail which can be a bit slippery due to tiny stones along the dirt trail.

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