Hong Kong Trail Section 5-6 | Wong Nai Chung Road to Tai Tam Road

Hong Kong Trail Section 5-6 | Wong Nai Chung Road to Tai Tam Road

We started the hike at Wong Nai Chung Road, and follow Tai Tam Reservoir Road up the hill.

Distance - 8km
Duration - 3.5 hours (Includes rest and photo)
Difficulty - 3/5 Intermediate

This section heads up Jardine’s Lookout and Mount Butler, it might be the shortest section of the Hong Kong trail but probably the most challenging one.

The first climb starts right away when you pass the wooden arch signage with Wilson Trail and Hong Kong Trail.

There are a series of steps heading up Jardine’s Lookout with occasional flat sections along the way. It is best to take your time if you’re a beginner.

After a kilometer of hiking, we reached Jardine’s Lookout summit point. We headed over to the viewing point, however, it was foggy with low visibility but still was an enjoyable vibe.

We continued along the trail passing a few downhill before eventually heading up again toward Mount Butler. After the climb, it is great to stop at the summit and catch your breath. It was still foggy at the summit, however, on a fine day the views are stunning.

The short, but steep descent to Mount Parker Road brings us to an intersection, the endpoint of Section 5 and the start of Section 6.

Section 6 heads downhill along the paved road, it is fairly easy and a quiet walk. This section brings you to the Upper Tai Tam Reservoir, walking along the stonework dam wall, you are likely to spot a few wildlife along the way; lizards, various fishes, turtles, and butterflies.

The trail continues toward the Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail before leaving the paved road track and back onto a natural terrain path. There are some small rocks and tree roots along this trail, watch your step as it can be slippery during wet weather.

The trail junction of Section 6 to Section 7 is located at Tai Tam Road at Tai Tam Reservoir (North) this is where we ended the hike.

Walk a few meters from the end of Section 6 towards the direction of the reservoir to locate the bus stop, be careful and be on the lookout for incoming traffic as there are no pedestrian lanes just a road toward the bus stop.

Overall the hike is moderate and you can experience more amazing views on a clear and fine day.

We recommend bringing at least 1-1.5 liters of hydration and a few snacks. Wear comfortable hiking apparel and good-grip hiking shoes.