Hong Kong Trail Section 1-4 | The Peak to Wong Nai Chung Road

Hong Kong Trail Section 1-4 | The Peak to Wong Nai Chung Road

The Hong Kong Trail is 50km long and has a total of 8 sections. Some sections are good to do together, and the trails are well-marked.

Along the way, it offers views around Hong Kong Island, reservoirs, and a chance to discover a few historical remnants.

Distance - 24.56km
Duration - 5.5 hours (Include rest and photo)
Difficulty - 3/5 Intermediate

The first 4 sections are considered to be fairly easy, the trail passes along flat trails and paved roads along the forest area with occasional climbs on a few stairs. Whereas the remaining 4 sections are more moderate, you can expect more climbs and downhills while offering views along Jardine’s Lookout, Mount Butler, and Dragon’s Back at Shek O.

Section 1
Starts at Lugard Road next to Peak Gallery, it meanders down the mountain slowly while enjoying views of Hong Kong Island skyscrapers and the Harbour. There are plenty of photo opportunities in this section. This section is ideal for family walks and beginner hikers.

Section 2
This section is more or less just a way to get from the end of section 1 to the start of section 3 at Peel Rise. The hike is mainly a paved road and before reaching the catchwater section, there are stunning views over Aberdeen and Cyberport.

Section 3
After much hiking along the paved road at Section 2, Section 3 travels along the forest passing a few small streams, and is a quiet walk in natural terrain surrounded by high trees that provides shade along the trail.

Section 4
This section is a mostly flat, easy, and pleasant hike, but the road section can be tiring as it gradually ascends for a while before descending toward Black's Link residential area at Wong Nai Chung Road.

We continued toward Wong Nai Chung Reservoir hiking up along Tai Tam Reservoir Road to the end of Section 4 and the beginning of Section 5 of the Hong Kong Trail before ending the hike.

Head back down to Wong Nai Chung Road to catch the bus back to the city.

Overall these sections are fairly moderate hikes when done all together and easy individually.

We recommend bringing at least 1-2 liters of water and snacks, you can bring more depending on how many sections you plan on hiking.

Wear comfortable hiking shoes and bring packable windbreakers in case of weather changes.