Traversing 3 Challenges and Lung Ho stream

Traversing 3 Challenges and Lung Ho stream
The weather was hot and sunny so we decided to head up Wong Lung Hang Stream once again, but this time we took the Lung Ho Stream towards Nam Shan to exit.
It was wet and cloudy during our last visit, which made the hike more challenging to traverse due to the rain. 
This time the stream has less water making the trail more obvious, and easier to navigate. 
Jumping from stone to stone, walking along less shallow water, we’ve reached Wong Lung Waterfalls. 
Despite the less water along the stream, we were surprised that the strong flow of water still heads down the Wong Lung Hang Waterfalls. 
We rested and even took a short dip in the water to cool down before making our way up the top of the Waterfall. 
The climb section with ropes heading up is dry making our ascend slightly easier than last time. 
Upon reaching the top, we continued straight ahead towards the second large waterfall. 
Although some sections along the way are dry, there are some rocks or stones along the way covered with moss that make them very slippery, so be careful and mind your steps. 
After passing the second large waterfall, we continued to head up towards Joh Lung, Yau Lung, and Mei Lung Waterfalls respectively. 
This time we took a closer look at Lung Mei Waterfalls and found that it was a dead end, and nowhere to climb from. We needed to backtrack a bit towards the Yau Lung Waterfall to head up the trail towards the 3 Challenges trail. 
There are 3 sections of trail at the 3 Challenges. 
1st section, walking along the narrow cliffside path then clambering up the rugged slope. 
2nd section, and the most challenging of the 3 is heading up the steep uphill ascend, it requires pulling yourself up using the ropes while using your feet at the same time in order to reach the top.
3rd section, a combination of the 1st and 2nd, however, the trail leading up will not be too steep. Walking along a short cliffside trail, then using the ropes while traversing the slightly slanded wall to get back on trail.
Note that ensure the ropes are well secure before using as assistance, some ropes are are old and almost worn out.
After passing the 3 Challenges, we took the trail heading to Lung Ho Stream. 
The Lung Ho Stream is quite steep and slippery. Extra caution is needed when traversing this section  
Gradually clambering up huge rocks along the stream, following the ribbon markers, this section is overgrown and filled with spider webs. 
Closer to the Roaring Dragon Cliff, the rocky trails tend to calm down and it’s less overgrown. 
Roaring Dragon Cliff is the end of the Lung Ho Stream which is a wet vertical cliff where water is dripping along the wall. 
The trail continues at the right-hand side of the Roaring Dragon Cliff which is indicated with ribbon markers. 
Continue to follow the ribbon markers along the thick jungle-like trail and eventually reach the open area with the view of Sunset Peak, Yi Tung Shan, Lantau Peak, Big Buddha as well as Tung Chung area. 
We continued to follow the trail towards Lin Fa Shan and reach the junction at Sheung Tung Au then take Lantau Trail Section 2 towards Nam Sham Country Trail to end the hike. 
Bring at least 3 liters of hydration, and some food, and wear UV protection apparel. Bring sunscreen and insect repellent as well.
Wear grippy hiking shoes or stream trekking shoes and wear a helmet when traversing along the rocky and technical sections of the stream.